Banana power

The perfect snack for outdoor adventures,
kids lunches, races, travelling, workouts...

Try a square banana - banana brownies

Try a square banana

The energy, nutrients and taste of a banana, in a convenient pocket-sized snack

1 Square = 1 Banana

Ipanema Valley banana brownies are the ideal snack for anyone who lives an active lifestyle, or while you're on-the-go. They fit conveniently in your pocket or backpack. Banana Brownies have a long shelf life, they're always ripe, and they don't bruise! The perfect energy boosting treat to fuel your next adventure. Grab a box of banana brownies today

Our Process


Just banana flavored brownies Just Banana
Banana and guava flavored brownies Banana + Guava
Banana and fig flavored brownies Banana + Fig
Banana and pineapple flavored brownies Banana + Pineapple

Made from non-GMO bananas grown in the red soil banana farms of Brazil.

Take a banana brownie on your next adventure for a quick, healthy and tasty energy boost.